Community Kindness – Bringing Your Brand to Life

Having discussed how companies should compose themselves online (Presence vs. Pretence), how now can they use this expansive source to really propel their brand and name? How can they take advantage of the internet? Answer: R.A.K.

Random Acts of Kindness has become a phenomenon online for big businesses. The ultimate community managers are scouring their followers, members and contributors in order to find the perfect candidates, the ideal individuals for a random act of kindness which will brilliantly project their brand. Biotherm UK and Interflora UK are two great examples of this trend, shown here.

Although it’s directed to an individual, it will be remembered by thousands. R.A.K requires a dedicated, understanding and tactful manager. If done right it is glorious, if done wrong it is pretty bad! explains exactly how it should be done, below are a few excerpts from the site, but for the full down low click here.

R.A.K 101

Be genuine. R.A.K. should demonstrate a brand’s attitude, not be a temporarily welcome exception to it. Anything fake will be unmasked in today’s transparent marketplace.

Be personal, but not too personal.  A light-hearted gesture at the right time will be appreciated, intruding into personal issues certainly won’t be.

Make it shareable. Give someone a reason to share their R.A.K. with their friends and family.

Be generous.  Be really generous to a few people, rather than kind-of-nice to lots of people.

Don’t intrude, or be pushy, or sell. This isn’t about you or your brand, it’s about the recipient.

Don’t make R.A.K. too frequent. Customers shouldn’t feel upset if they don’t get a R.A.K.

Although I’ve given examples of great big businesses, remember that you can do it too! So – I implore you to go out into your virtual community and bestow a gift, perk or compliment to someone needing a pick-me-up. And please, tell us about it when you do!


About francescawilski
Francesca Wilski comes from Kent and now resides in Islington, her family live in Poland. She has worked for the BBC, SKY, ITN, GMTV and various local, hospital and university radio stations across the UK. She studied English Literature at Royal Holloway and is about to graduate her MA in Broadcast Journalism at City University.

5 Responses to Community Kindness – Bringing Your Brand to Life

  1. aimee says:

    great post! I will try to persuade my clients to do some R.A.K.

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  3. I want some Random Acts of Kindness! Being very kind to a few on Twitter could be dangerous, since everyone can see what you’re doing and become jealous?

  4. No Ms Marley-Paterson! I mean, jealous they may be, but more so they’ll be intrigued to get involved with the community because of the humanising quality that comes with random acts of kindness. Interestingly, it looks like a short term boost but in fact attracts audiences for the long term!

  5. I see. Well, I’m still jealous and I still want some 😉

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