Meg Pickard: Community misconceptions

“Communities aren’t made, they already exist”, says Meg Pickard, the Guardian‘s Head of Digital Engagement. Otherwise you’re just getting in the way. She tells SpinYourWeb that communities must:

  • NOT distract people
  • BUT empower them

People have always shared photos, but sites like photo-sharing site Flikr allow us to do that in a new way.

The Guardian is attempting to do the same with the news context: people have always talked about news. The challenge now is to find new ways to “encourage people to get involved in those conversations” and to be “informed about them”.


About Joseph Pike
Joseph Pike was born in Vancouver, Canada and raised in Oxford, England. After reading politics at the University of Edinburgh, he now lives, works and studies in London. Joe writes about politics and theatre: as the Broadcast Interviewer of Britain’s leading theatre website – – and as a contributor to a range of print and online publications. He has written for The Observer, Total Politics, Fest, broadcast on the BBC, and carried out political research at the UN Development Programme Regional Centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka. While living in Edinburgh, Joe was Scotland Editor of and National Politics Editor of The Journal, the city’s student newspaper. In 2008 and 2009, Joe was the Press Manager of Musical Theatre @ George Square, an award-winning venue at Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe. In this role, he worked with 62 theatrical productions and many of the UK’s leading arts PR agencies achieving extensive coverage in local, national and international media.

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